Travelers & Family

Who may participate in TOURS?

All guests must be over 18 years old and have good self-care skills. Exceptional Adventures can accommodate persons with special needs such as sign language, special dietary restrictions or visual impairments. Most tours can accommodate persons in wheelchairs, but we suggest you call us for more information on accessibility. Although a medical examination is not required to participate, a Guest Information Sheet must be completed and submitted prior to participation. In addition, a Hold Harmless Agreement Form must be signed and returned in order to participate.

Who may participate in DANCES FOR ADULTS?

Guests with intellectual and developmental disabilities 18 years of age or older.

Who may participate in TEEN DANCES?

Teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the 13-to-21-year-old age range.

Medical Coverage & Supervision

Guests must have some type of medical coverage to participate. Exceptional Adventures offers 24-hour supervision with staff in guests' rooms or in the immediate area. Highly trained, caring volunteers are assigned to the same guests for the duration of each tour. Exceptional Adventures normally uses a one-to-four (1:4) staff-to-guest ratio.


All of our employees are trained and certified in medication and insulin administration. Please pack all medications separately and in the original prescription bottles. They must be given to the Tour Coordinator upon arrival at your pick up point. Home visit sheets or notes listing time of dosage are required. Please send only the amount of medication needed for the tour. Guests bringing Oxygen on trips must contact our office prior to the tour to confirm arrangements. Guests requiring insulin injections must contact our office prior to registration to confirm arrangements. Medication in metal boxes or blister packs will NOT be accepted.


Exceptional Adventures is committed to promoting a positive image of individuals with disabilities in the community. Please help by bringing guests to tours / events clean and appropriately dressed and packed. This avoids embarrassment to the individual as well as to the group. Please pack only one suitcase on tours. We recommend that guests use rolling luggage with a pull-up handle. No carry-on luggage will be accepted.


For our tours, we use luxury motor coaches equipped with restrooms and DVD players for our guests' comfort and enjoyment. We offer multiple pick up points for your convenience. However, transportation to and from the pick up point is the responsibility of the guest or the responsible person(s).


All guests on all tours are required to bring a VALID state-issued I.D. that must be given to the Tour Coordinator during check-in. Failure to do so will result in the guest being sent home, without a refund. On tours leaving the country, all staff and guests MUST have a valid passport. Refunds will not be issued if the traveler is refused boarding due to lack of proper identification.

Late Arrivals & Returns

Exceptional Adventures makes every effort to be on time at pick up and return points.

Guests who are not picked up upon completion of a tour cause a serious inconvenience for other guests and staff who must remain with them until someone is contacted and arrives to pick them up. Guests who are not picked up within 30 minutes of our scheduled return will be billed a charge of $35 per hour. Local guests who must be driven home will be billed $50 in addition to the hourly charge. Late returns at Butler will be charged the same fee, plus any additional cost(s) assessed by the bus company.