Blue Cap Guys Membership

Exceptional Adventures has started a club just for guys called the Blue Cap Guys! We are welcoming new members to join this club. This club is a great way to make new friends and join in activities with other guys who all have the same interests.

What does this Club do?

We are a club just for Men that gets together as a group and do activities. Some activities will include Themed Parties, Bingos, Steelers Parties, Karaokes, Holiday Parties, 50’s Events, Magic Shows, Impersonators, Picnics, and more.  Most of the events are held at Peter’s Place Restaurant in Bridgeville, PA. We will have either a lunch or dinner at every event. The most important part of this club is to have fun and make friends! Click here to see some our our activities!

Who can join?

You must be a male 18 and older (female staff / guardians can attend events). You do not have to attend all of the events to belong to this club. You can choose which activities interest you most.

What's the cost to belong?

There is a $35.00 fee that includes a “Blue Cap Guys” hat, a membership card and invitations to reasonably priced bi-monthly activities.